A ‘call to action’ is part of your website where you ask a reader to take some sort of action. It should be easily identifiable and should show your site reader exactly what you want them to do and how they will do it.

Buttons and graphics are usually used to point out clear, identifiable calls to action, and should direct site readers or users to the response you want them to complete.

Typical calls to action include;

  • Click Here
  • Buy Now
  • View Demo
  • Take The Test
  • Call Today
  • Join Here
  • Sign Up
  • Register Today
  • Get It Now
  • Get Instant Access
  • Get A Free Quote
  • Free Trial
  • Subscribe
  • Donate Here
  • Get A Free Sample

Your call to action must be attractive enough and clear enough to encourage the reader to take the desired action.  But it’s not just about words – Clever use of colour and placement will also play a big part in a successful response.

Here are 25 examples of some of the best call-to-actions that are working for companies right now:

1. NCover

In this example, the large call to action button has been set in a dark orange color which creates a beautiful contrast with the surrounding contrasting background  and hence grabs the reader’s attention at the very first sight.

2. Hostgator

Hostgator uses the same contrast technique by setting the color of the three call to action buttons a different light orange with a dark font that enhances readability of the text. The reader can easily follow through to the different plans offered by Hostgator.


3. Firefox

The Firefox call to action button is unique and revolutionary. It is truly unique with its uneven shape and vibrant colors together with the details of what the user will get for responding on the button itself.


4. BlogJet3 – Coding Robots

The neat and clean call to actions buttons in this example show clear direction and ecourage the user to click. They have used a brighter color for the “Free Download” button as opposed to the “Buy Now” button; thus giving a subtle message to the visitor that they should try the product before actually buying it.



5. Go Daddy

In this example from Godaddy, the call to action button grabs the reader’s attention by using a bright green colour that is in stark contrast to the black background and grey accents.


6. Wufoo

Simple call to action buttons placed in the center of the web page against a busy background makes them all the more pleasing to the eye. This example from Wufoo shows good use of colour and placement to engage the user.



7. Hoi Moon Marketing

Hoi Moon Marketing does something unique for its call to action: there is no call-to-action button. They do it by just changing the text color to orange, showing the user what they need to click through. Check out the contrast it creates.

4-25-2013 12-13-53 PM

8. Disqus

Here see how Disqus makes a connection between the orange call to action button and a screenshot of their product; a comment system. This connection makes it easy for the visitor to visualize what they will get.



9. Goal Stacker

GoalStacker is another company that has placed a screenshot of its product alongside the call to action. The page is very simple, and the user has two buttons to choose from, encouraging visitors to sign up for their software or to take a tour.



10. codebase

In this example from codebase, the text that follows the call to action button explains that you can sign up for a free trial and that it will last for 15 days. This information clarifies exactly what the user will get when they click the button.



11. Amazon

In this example, Amazon uses a very clever and enticing call to action, using an arrow with the text “Click to Look Inside!”  drawing the visitor’s attention to flip though the book. The arrow coupled with an image of the ebook makes it one of the most compelling and intriguing CTA examples.

12. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar places hyperlinks below their two call to action buttons to further clarify what visitors will get when they click. This tells the visitor exactly what they will get when they click the Calls to action.



13. Akismet

Akismet provides protection against spam and the CTA perfectly gets that message across to the visitor. By saying “SAY GOODBYE TO COMMENT SPAM”, it reinforces the message that Akismet will rid you of comment spam, and that is exactly what will happen when you click through.



14. FileShare HQ

In this example from Fileshare HQ, see how the big green button stands out against the white background and how the words “Start sending files within minutes…” creates a sense of a quick result for the user when they click through.



15. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes calls to actions are prioritized by creating a noticeable contrast between the buttons against a white background. Notice also the use of italicized text on the buttons to grab attention. 



16. Dropbox

Dropbox does it by cutting out the clutter. Their choice of color is great; everything on the page looks neat and clean, and their minimalistic approach exudes simplicity and ease of use.




17. Tea Round

In this call to action visitors are told that they won’t get any spam emails if they sign up, thus trying to break one barrier to people’s entering their email for fear of spam. Interesting also to note is the green color of the CTA used against the otherwise uneventful background, which makes the button prominent enough to be noticed at first sight.



18. Onehub

Sometimes you just can’t get them to try it for free (because they don’t want to or they don’t know about the product’s features). Onehub knows it and in an effort to not let you go they offer you to view the features before you leave.



19. The Resumator

This is another example of a great Call to action. The CTA button with a warm contrast color coupled with the large “Free Trial” text sits neatly against a calm and less busy background. Notice also the use of “No Credit Card Required” to reinforce the point that it is free.



20. Tao Effect

Here the three call to action buttons are placed in a row and give the users three, simple options; Download, Buy Now or Upgrade. They have been arranged such that the button with the primary preferred action comes first and is in a different color to make it stand out from other two choices. This is a good example of prioritizing by the use of order and color.


21. The Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine uses CTAs which exactly look  the same with a blue border around both of them. From this we may assume that the company thinks that the act of signing up or taking the tour is equally important, and is an equal chance of visitors wanting to take a tour and those actually wanting to sign up for a free trial.

The Invoice Machine


22. OH! Media

Here, OH! Media uses the position of the button together with the choice of the color, size and the text “See the Case Study” to make it a very clear and effective one.



23. Ballpark

Ballpark’s call to action has probably all the qualities ideal for a good CTA. The size of the CTA button with the blue color combined with the white space around it and explanatory text on and under makes it a great example.




24. Highland Fling 2011

This CTA from Highland Fling 2011 is interesting because it manages to call attention by its unusual shape and the use of an icon. Also, see how they create urgency by the use of the text which specifies the early bird and normal price for the event.




25. Aweber

Aweber’s Call to action is another great example of the use of contrast color set out against a sleek background. Note the use of the word “Just” to stress that the visitor will be paying a very little amount of money for the product.




In short, a call to action is designed to do the following;

  • Engage
  • Encourage
  • Convince
  • Simplify
  • Direct
  • Reassure

What else do you think is important for a successful call to action?


Written by Caroline Baxter
Caroline Baxter is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Coach, and recent bestselling author on Amazon. Having started her first business aged 24, she now has multiple businesses in property, the motor trade and online and offline business consultancy. Caroline is now starting a series of live training events to support entrepreneurs looking to plan launch and grow their business