3 More Simple Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Nowadays, with high rents and the rising costs of business premises, people are looking more and more to start a small business and upscale once they are generating a sustainable income.

I often advise people to ‘test’ their market, so the affiliate model and the Blogging Model will be of particular use to you if you have an idea that you would like to start and test on a ‘small scale’ initially

My last post 3 Easy To Start Business Ideas saw lots of readers emailing me and asking if their own ideas were viable, and for help with the strategy, so I decided to create this post showing you 3 more Easy Business Ideas.

Personal Assistant / Virtual Assistant

Many business people are saving money by outsourcing to staff working from home. In this digital age, it is very simple to set up your home office space and most of us have the equipment required to provide companies and small businesses with this service.

It’s important you have key skills such as: Great organization and timekeeping, some knowledge of computers, typing and writing skills.

Brush up on your organizational skills. Let your administrative, technical or other skills bring you money. Work from the comfort of your home. Choose your working times. It is flexible, easy and simple.

There are thousands of individuals and companies who are hiring virtual assistants. The demand is growing with each new day.

All you need initially is a decent computer system and a good internet connection. You can earn up to $30/hour depending on the nature of work you do.


Business Idea Model:

  1. Brush up on your organizational and computer skills.
  2. Set up your home office and tools- a telephone, computer system, internet connection, Microsoft Office, Skype etc.
  3. Recall what administrative, technical, secretarial etc skills you have and list them on a word doc/pdf to give to potential employers.
  4. Post your resume on free-lancing websites or bid for jobs which meet your skills/criteria
  5. Remember to set your working hours with your employer and agree how much and when you will be paid.
  6. Deliver work promptly, gain great feedback and win more contracts!


    Resources: Odesk.com     Freelancer.com    Elance.com


 Affiliate Marketer

If you are into marketing then you can become an affiliate and sell products for companies online and will get paid a commission every time a sale is made. Affiliate marketing is a great way of getting started in a niche or testing a niche for popularity, because you don’t have to worry about organizing a product to sell!

First find out your niche and your target market. It is better to spend some time finding the best niche for yourself rather than finding yourself skipping from one industry to the other. Choose an industry that interests you most and you have a good knowledge about it, or are willing to learn about it.

Focus on building an email list. Craft ways to make your email list grow. Make sure your website or blog has an opt-in page and you have a good conversion rate. Get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Make sure visitors keep coming back to your blog or website. How is that achieved? Give your readers a reason to come back. Give interesting and valuable information for free.

Always try to provide new and interesting information about your niche. Best piece of advice: be patient!


Business Idea Model:

  1. Decide on your niche i.e. cell phones, digital products, health products etc.
  2. Find suitable products you can sell as an affiliate marketer.
  3. Research the niche to find strong ‘buying keywords’
  4. Build a simple website or blog reviewing products available in your niche/industry
  5. Advertise your site on other blogs guestpost, social media, traffic exchange sites.
  6. Make sure you include a sign up form on your site to start building a list of buyers in your niche.


Resources: Clickbank  Ebay.com   Amazon.com   Pay dot Com


Become A Blogger

Blogging is a great way to build a following, create some buzz around your brand, and introduce your brand. Connect with your reader while you are building your product, get your name out there and make your audience familiar with who you are and what you do. This will increase loyalty sign ups and purchases when you are ready to launch.

You can also earn money from your blog. Use one or a combination of ideas to make money from it:

Advertising programs such as Google Adsense and any affiliate programs are a great place to start. These companies pay you for placing ads on your site or blog. You generate money when a visitor clicks these ads. Simple!!!

Once your traffic improves, you can offer space that allows companies to buy ad space on your blog. Just look for companies which are in your niche and offer them advertising space on your site. Many companies will pay you for putting their link on your website or blog. And if these aren’t enough you can also sell your own digital products like eBooks, courses etc.

Business Idea Model:

  1. Set up your own blog and include a subscribe form.
  2. Tell your story! People love sharing stories, and enjoy reading about other peoples journeys and experiences.
  3. Start driving traffic by blog commenting (free method – Commentluv )
  4. Register to Google Adsense. Get paid as ads are clicked on your site.
  5. Make your blog interesting. Give readers something worthwhile to read. Update regularly, and share your news and views on current affairs and trends related to your target audience.
  6. Share your content on social media sites such as Facebook / Twitter to help drive traffic to your posts.
  7. Once up and running and generating a decent amount of traffic, promote your own products (see affiliate marketer) or other peoples on your blog such as books, handmade crafts/ jewellery, video and audio courses,  etc.

Resources: WordPress.com  Blogger.com  CommentLuv



So now you know 3 more easy to start businesses that take very little money to get up and running and can be set up in just a few days; whether you choose to be a virtual assistant, an affiliate marketer, a blogger, or a a combination of any of them you have to keep one thing in mind that you must to be patient and keep building until you start making a decent income.

These are all ways you can start generating some income or testing a market TODAY. What’s better is you can set them all up for next to nothing!

Keep checking back as I add more business models in the coming weeks.




Written by Caroline Baxter
Caroline Baxter is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Coach, and recent bestselling author on Amazon. Having started her first business aged 24, she now has multiple businesses in property, the motor trade and online and offline business consultancy. Caroline is now starting a series of live training events to support entrepreneurs looking to plan launch and grow their business