Social Marketing Compass

I found this Great socialmedia marketing mindmap, clearly defining the key elements and components of social media built up around your brand.

Social Marketing Compass

Source Brian Solis, Jess3

It’s a fantastic overview of the social marketing elements that brands need to include in their online marketing campaigns. Content marketing for business is essential in today’s digital marketing age, and building a plan around at least some of these elements will ensure that your efforts convey the correct message to your audience.

Spread the word

Creating brand awareness and a loyal following is essentially a process, and with the current trend of ‘social marketing’ you need to ensure your business brand is portrayed on the right channels, and the angle is fitting to the audience you are trying to reach.

Syndication and content marketing are hot areas to focus on and really must be included in any brand strategy. Reusing content and re-sampling it to suit different audiences and channels is the ideal way of creating a strong brand presence. For example; consumers love social proof – there’s nothing better than receiving a great testimonial. Why use that glowing report just the once? Turn the text into a video, include it on your company digital brochure, create an eye catching image to share on twitter or Facebook with an extract from the text, encourage audience participation by asking for more testimonials, and so on. Remember, different types of media suit different audiences.

#Hot Tip

If you are just about to embark on your own brand awareness campaign, or are in the planning stages, remember this simple strategy to make your content go further –

1. Choose your content  2.Re-sample to suit different audiences 3.Choose the platform depending on your desired outcome.


  • Glowing Testimonial > Article about how consumer was affected by your product or service > Send to respected industry site for publication
  • Glowing Testimonial > Photo of consumer using your product (with logo) > Share on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and choose a suitable #hashtag
  • Glowing testimonial > Funny photo of one of your team using your product (with logo) > Ask for more photo’s and encourage discussion by inviting facebook fans to share their photo’s and syndicate to other channels such as Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter

The opportunities really are endless. I am sure you can think of a thousand and one ways of spreading the word and building brand awareness. Remember, it’s not just about the content, it’s also about how you present it and where you place it that determines a successful brand awareness campaign.

Written by Caroline Baxter
Caroline Baxter is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Coach, and recent bestselling author on Amazon. Having started her first business aged 24, she now has multiple businesses in property, the motor trade and online and offline business consultancy. Caroline is now starting a series of live training events to support entrepreneurs looking to plan launch and grow their business