When Facebook was rolled out, nobody had any idea that it would eventually incorporate an excellent marketing tool for businesses. Today there are millions of registered business pages on Facebook, all representing their brand.

Below I25 Facebook Business Tips have outlined 25 tips to help you manage a successful Facebook business page.

1. Email your existing contacts to inform them that you have a Facebook fan page and to ask them to “Like” it. Make things easier for them by sending the URL of the page in your email. Also, ask them an extra favour of recommending your page to their friends.

2. Your Facebook cover image is the first thing your page visitors will notice. Your cover image should tell the visitor all about your business and they should understand clearly at a glance what your business is all about.

3. Instead of going after your personal page you need to sport a Facebook fan page design that reflects the nature of your services/product. For example, if you are in the property business your page will need to look corporate and professional.

4. Use Facebook scheduled posts feature to send regular updates to your profile. Whatever you choose to share – image, video, status update etc. – Facebook lets you choose the exact time it will go live. The tool saves you time, but don’t forget to visit your page to follow up and answer any comments posted by followers.

5. Increase your fanpage “Likes”. Go to the top of your business page and click where it says “Build Audience” and then click “Invite Friends”. Invite all of your friends to your page who are likely to be interested in your service or product.

6. You may not be the only person who manages your Facebook fan page. Rather than sharing a Facebook account with others you can authorize other people as administrators. Just click “Edit Page” at the top and from there click “Manage Admin Roles” and follow the steps to add multiple admins. Now you can adjust timings with other admins to manage your page seamlessly.

7. You can get “Recommendations” for your business which can benefit you highly. However, to make the recommendations available you need to provide the exact location of your business in the “About” section.

8. Your Facebook fan page should act like your “Facebook blog”. Share original content – comments, images, videos etc. – to keep the stream active. If don’t post regularly your subscribers will eventually ‘unlike’ your fanpage, thinking it is dormant.

9. Because the main purpose of your Facebook fan page is to convert visitors to fans, make sure your timeline cover photo image is eye catching enough, and ensure the ‘About’ section is completed, so people know exactly what your business is about.

10. Facebook gives you the ability to target your ad campaigns by gender, educational status, relationship status, age, location, interested in and language. This allows you to target a campaign at a particular group of fans. Be sure to research your demographics thoroughly before creating a campaign.

11. Facebook gives businesses the ability to collect data from users in a fun and smooth way. You can have fans to your page sign up for a direct newsletter through an app or you can offer them a promotion where they are required to answer a few questions before they enter. Be sure to search for available apps for business pages.

12. When you first create your page, Facebook offers a standard set of tabs like the Wall and the Info tabs. You can extend the capability of your page greatly by creating some custom tabs in addition to the default tabs.

13. Facebook gives page administrators the ability to send their fans updates. When you have something of value to share with your fans send them an update to let them know about it. However, you should be careful with updates: do it when you have something really worthwhile to share.

14. Entice prospective audience into joining your page by offering something of value. It can be an eBook, entrance into a contest, or a free coupon. This way you can have more prospective customers connected with your business.

15. Make sure that a vanity URL is available for your business. It should be something simple and easy to remember.

16. Find out what content your fans engage with the most and when to post it on Facebook. There is a third-party application – EdgeRank Checker – that you can use to do that. This application will determine for your page the most effective day of the week to post on, popular keywords, the most suitable type of media for your audience and how often to post.

17. Encourage people to comment on your page. This also means that you must connect with the people who are commenting on your page by responding to they say regularly. If you don’t reply, engage and comment back, people will feel ignored and they won’t engage or get in touch in the future.

18. When it comes to posting, pictures and videos are unmatched in engaging visitors. Share interesting and useful pictures and videos related to your business. You can also tag top posting fans or new fans in these to send them a notification whenever you post.

19. Promote your Facebook page through different media platforms. Provide your Facebook page URL on your business card, include it in your email signature, add a Facebook “Like” button to your website etc.

20. Use “Facebook Insights” to learn more about the people who like your page. Based on their specific Facebook behaviour you can tailor posts and offers to match their specific needs.

21. Offer exclusive content to visitors but require them to first “Like” your page before they have access to the valuable content. This exclusivity will more often than not entice people into liking your page and getting hold of that valuable content. You may need to use an app for this feature.

22. Engage your followers by running polls on your page with the standard Facebook “Questions” feature.

23. Update your Facebook page with your blog post as soon as it is published – share the link and post it as a status update.

24. Join Facebook groups related to your niche. Post to these groups in order to drive traffic to your own page and website.

25. Post your YouTube videos to your Facebook page stream. This is another channel to build credibility and get more people to like your page.

Did you enjoy these tips? Do you have any more Facebook tips to share or any case studies? Whats working for your business page right now? Feel free to share below.

Written by Caroline Baxter
Caroline Baxter is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Coach, and recent bestselling author on Amazon. Having started her first business aged 24, she now has multiple businesses in property, the motor trade and online and offline business consultancy. Caroline is now starting a series of live training events to support entrepreneurs looking to plan launch and grow their business