Top 7 Free Business Name GeneratorsAre you struggling to choose your business name? Here is my collection of the top 7 free business name generators to help you create a brand name to be proud of.

#1 Panabee

Using Panabee couldn’t be any simpler! Type in a search string and you get;

  • Domain Name Suggestions – This section highlights several variations on your core idea.
  • International Domains – Sometimes a different top-level domain like .us or .co makes it easier to secure a desired name since .com is so competitive.
  • Related Terms – In case you’re struggling to brainstorm, playing around with related words and phrases may generate fresh thoughts.
  • Facebook & Twitter – See posts and comments related to your idea. Hopefully seeing word association from different people sparks a new idea.
  • iTunes & Google Play – Check if your app name is already taken on the App Store or on Google Play.

All in all it’s a great tool for brainstorming and generating your business name and will also help with checking for domain name availability too.

#2 Namefind

Namefind is not only a cool free business name generator but it also helps you investigate and research your chosen name further for your shortlisted name ideas. In addition to name ideas, you also get

  • Domain name availability
  • Social media availability
  • Trademark availability
  • User feedback (when you register)

All essential research for your new venture!

#3 Dotomator

Essentially a domain name generator, Dotomator also gives some valuable domain name tips and ideas for brainstorming and creating company names. Its cleverly programmed application also offers

  • Web 2.0 name generator
  • Iphone application to download
  • Ability to add beginnings and endings to your name
  • Custom lists of commonly used words

Overall Dotomator is a great resource, and is a really great way of brainstorming new word ideas and custom word groups.

#4 Namestation

Namestation is possibly one of my favourite free business name generators and it comes with some additional resources and features to help you create a highly desirable business name.

  • 18 different domain name generators
  • Short Web 2.0 domains
  • Keyword domains, popular affixes, compounds
  • Creativity tools, keyword suggestions
  • Domain name check
  • Business name contests

Another awesome feature is the naming contests you can hold when you register for the site. Namestation has a large community of users, and you can hold your own business name contest, and get valuable feedback alongside new ideas for your company name.

#5 Naming

Naming  is a wonderful resource which allows you to define the look, the feel and the sound of your business name. By combinging your seed word with different word lists, you can create some spectacular brand name ideas. Pre-defined  word lists include;

  • Common Words (net, mart, school)
  • Greek and Latin Prefixes (ante, contra, intra)
  • Greek and Latin Suffixes (able, icle, tion)
  • Greek and Latin Roots (chrono, hydro, lum)
  • Beginning Word Parts (other than Greek and Latin Prefixes)
  • Ending Word Parts (other than Greek and Latin Suffixes)
  • Ending rhymes (blue/shoe)
  • Last syllable rhymes (timber/harbor)
  • Double rhymes (conviction/prediction)
  • Beginning rhymes (physics/fizzle).
  • First syllable rhymes (carrot/caring)

Its great that you can also control the number of syllables your name has too! There are also options for domain name endings so you can see how your business name will look as a website.

#6 Bust A Name

Bust-A-Name is another great resource for generating free business domain name ideas. Primarily a domain name generator, it allows you to combine lists of words to generate new names and then helps you check the domain availability. It also has a new brand name generator tool feature.

  • Custom domain name generator
  • Brandable domain tool
  • Domain name availability checker
  • Random name checker


#7 Company Name Generator

My favourite for generating a brand name for your business, Company name generator generates unlimited random name ideas, suitable for brand-naming your company. In addition, they have;

  • Free advanced tool where you can set and define the custom words used
  • Custom name patterns 9using vowels and consonants
  • Ability to define Prefixes and suffixes
  • Pre-defined word lists to use

It’s a great tool if you already know how you want your business name to sound, or for sharp snappy brand name ideas to research further.


So there you have it. My top 7 resources for free business name generators. What tools have you used? How did you name your business? lets discuss!

Written by Caroline Baxter
Caroline Baxter is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Coach, and recent bestselling author on Amazon. Having started her first business aged 24, she now has multiple businesses in property, the motor trade and online and offline business consultancy. Caroline is now starting a series of live training events to support entrepreneurs looking to plan launch and grow their business