This interesting article from Mashable introduces a great phrase, that I really, really like!

The “Man-cession” and the Fall of the Single Income Household

Fantastic! Said phrase is now officially on my ‘phrase of the day list’, and I think I will be using it quite regularly from now on.

Women became the majority of the U.S Workforce in 2010 for the first time in history.

Nellie Akalp is CEO of She reports that;

Women are advancing in entrepreneurship as well. An American Express OPEN State of Women-Owned Businesses report found that between 1997 and 2011, the number of businesses in the U.S. increased by 34%, but the number of women-owned firms increased by 50%

She asks:

“Why exactly are women advancing so quickly as business owners? Are women better equipped to thrive in this digital age? Is today’s business climate more inviting for aspiring women entrepreneurs?”

I am in complete agreement with her when she attributes the rise in working women to sheer necessity.

The Male workforce took a greater hit in the employment market when the recession hit, as they made up a majority of the workforce. This, coupled with more jobs being created in sectors traditionally dominated by women such as healthcare, eduction, etc, accounts for the rising figures.

The Digital Age And Women Entrepreneurs

Well, it’s easy to figure why Women are best suited to digital start-ups.

Working in the virtual world enables women to fit business around childcare and vice versa. In this age of the internet, there is an abundance of software and tools to help anyone start a business from home and successfully manage work schedules and family commitments.

There is more incentive for a woman to harness new skills in the online world and she will be more than happy to start working outside of her comfort zone if it means she can supplement her existing lifestyle and juggle her freshly acquired digital acumen with her current commitments.

Traditional jobs and careers for women provide very little flexibility. Families are finding it difficult to budget and many need additional income or sometimes have to replace a lost income. Whether it is to supplement an existing income or to create a new income, more and more women are choosing ‘virtual careers’ popular digital entrepreneurs are choosing  freelancing, social media management and eCommerce sites.

I myself now fall into this category. What was once offline business coaching, has now turned into an online business, and I have officially moved into the digital entrepreneur field at full speed and have a truckload of new skills to boast!

Are you a Digital Woman Entrepreneur? Do You Agree?

Would love to hear your story or views below.

Source: Why Women Make Excellent Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age.

Written by Caroline Baxter
Caroline Baxter is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Start Up Coach, and recent bestselling author on Amazon. Having started her first business aged 24, she now has multiple businesses in property, the motor trade and online and offline business consultancy. Caroline is now starting a series of live training events to support entrepreneurs looking to plan launch and grow their business